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Build once.
Reproduce anywhere.

Collaborative tooling for reproducible builds

A next-gen pre-deployment platform built to seamlessly move applications from code to deploy. Go from Git to cloud with full transparency.

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Effortlessly transform code into reproducible builds

In a few clicks, go from a Git repo to a fully built and configured environment, whether it's a simple hello-world project or a multi-GPU application.

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True build provenance

An auditable, unbreakable chain from code to application. Change management becomes trivial with systems forensics.

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Everybody on one platform

Facilitate collaboration and enable fast issue resolution.

Make, share, review, and approve builds in one place.

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Simplify portability and migration

Make migrations smoother and faster by knowing exact system and hardware chip requirements.

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Cross-functional collaboration and full provenance between code, build, test, and deploy

Streamline builds with Fimio—package and test code effortlessly, boost productivity, and save time on every project.

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Security, compliance, and operational transparency

Go beyond the standard CI/CD audit logs to true, secure, reproducible builds with byte-to-byte comparisons throughout your entire build pipeline.


21st century version control

Fimio provides code integrity: track all inputs and changes across all builds. Be able to identify exact systems, variables, and changes that touch your project.

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Cross-functional tooling & faster deployment

Keep everyone in the loop. Have developers add code, PMs review and test in a live environment, and DevOps deploy--all in one platform.

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Fimio for your team

Achieve fully reproducible builds. Close the gap from code to deploy.

Currently supporting Git repositories via GitHub and GitLab.

Solve "but it works on my machine..."

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Verify your code builds reliably

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Live preview build environment to test everything before sharing

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Know everything that must happen to make your application build successfully

Meet our Team

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Omoju Miller

Co-Founder & CEO

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Charlyn Glenn

Co-Founder & COO

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Marcus Oshodi


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If your company has a “hair on fire” issue that Fimio can help with, reach out to omoju@fimio.xyz.

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